Water Proofing

IES Coatings Understands That Every Roofing Project Is Different. Our Highly Skilled Team Will Work With You To Determine Which Choice Is The Best Fit For Your Needs.

IES Coatings offers Waterproofing Systems that are essential to making your roof sustainable for the life of your building.

Did you know that by waterproofing your roof you can save energy and money? Our Coating systems not only seal your roof but can also cool your building. In addition to saving on energy most coating systems are tax deductable.

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Interested In Protecting The Longevity Of Your Roof?

Call IES Coatings To Water Proof Your Roof.

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Waterproofing your roof prevents leaks before they can happen. With a coating system seams and fasteners are eliminated preventing rust causing moisture that can destroy a roof.

If you are interested in prolonging the life of your roof with a waterproof coating system that can stop the aging process, call IES Coatings. Our experienced staff is here to give your roof many additional years of service life.